Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What does EWEC do?

    EWEC drives the planning and forecasting, purchase and supply of water and electricity in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and beyond. EWEC is the sole procurer of water and power within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and beyond, as well as the primary provider of water and electricity. EWEC is part of ADQ, one of the region’s largest holding companies with a diverse portfolio of major enterprises spanning key sectors of Abu Dhabi’s non-oil economy.

    Charged with leading the change in the energy sector, EWEC is responsible for securing appropriate generating capacity and ensuring economic value reaches all stakeholders. The company achieves this through careful forecasting and planning that informs the short and long-term balancing of supply and demand. EWEC develops long-term water and electricity purchase agreements with water and electricity production companies and establishes bulk supply tariff sales agreements with distribution companies.

  • How does EWEC impact my day to day life?

    EWEC purchases water and power from production plants and desalination plants, and shares that water and power on with distribution companies, such as the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) and Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC), who sell that water and power to the end user.

    We ensure sufficient production capacity is available to provide a reliable supply of water and power to consumers in Abu Dhabi and beyond at the most efficient and economic rate possible whilst ensuring the security of water and power supply.

  • How can my company take part in an EWEC bid?

    To become a supplier, contractor or consultant for our projects or activities, your company should register through eRegistration and follow the steps there.The department of the registration process is under ADDC and is dedicated for the whole sector (Abu Dhabi Power Corporation and its subsidiaries).

    For IWP/IPP/IWPP projects, an Expression of Interest (EOI) will be publicised and your company can follow the instructions stated in the EOI.

  • What steps are your company taking to reduce carbon emissions?

    EWEC’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions falls in line with the UAE Energy Strategy 2050, which has set a number of objectives. These strategic goals include deriving 50% of the country’s total energy mix from clean and renewable sources. Overall, the carbon footprint of power generation will be cut by 70% by 2050 as part of the strategy, while consumption efficiency is set to increase by 40% among individuals and companies.

    Sustainability flows throughout EWEC’s mission. It animates strategic priorities, including securing the economic supply of water and electricity, championing change in the energy sector and enabling the sustainability priorities in UAE Vision 2021, UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 and UAE Energy Strategy 2050.

    Falling CO2 Intensity: In just the three years between 2015 and 2018, the average CO2 intensity from EWEC’s electricity generation system fell by 15%. Commissioning new and more efficient plants fuelled this improvement. The rate achieved is already 30% lower than that of the OECD country average.

    World’s Largest PV Project: Setting the pace for renewables, EWEC commissioned the 1,180-megawatt Noor Abu Dhabi project in April 2019, the largest operational single-site solar project in the world. It is reducing Abu Dhabi’s CO2 emissions by 1 million metric tons/year.

    EWEC is also leading the development of the world's largest reverse osmosis (RO) desalination project at the Taweelah plant. The plant will redefine efficiency benchmarks with record low energy consumption of less than 3kWh per cubic meter. The contribution from around 50 MW of onsite solar generation will further boost the plants green credentials.

  • How can I apply for a job at EWEC?

    To enquire about vacancies at EWEC please email your CV to