We procure supply from 18 plants across the UAE (14 current and four in the near future). This supports the growing UAE demands, including conventional power plants as well as two solar power plants, one of which is the largest solar power plant in the world.

EWEC partners with 18 plants for the supply
of water and electricity across the UAE

  • Plant IconShuweihat S1
    1,615 MW
    Shuweihat S2
    1.627 MW
    Shuweihat S3
    1,647 MW
    Barakah (NEP)
    5,560 MW
  • Plant IconTaw A1
    84 MGD
    1,671 MW
    Taw A2
    52.5 MGD
    760 MW
    Taw B
    162 MGD
    2,220 MW
    Taw RO (IWP)
    200 MIGD
  • Plant IconFujairah F1
    131 MGD
    882 MW
    Fujairah F2
    132 MGD
    2,114 MW
    Fujairah F3
    2,400 MW
  • Plant IconNoor AD
    1,177 MW
    Plant IconAMPC Al Ain
    265 MW
  • Plant IconShams Solar
    50 MW
    Plant IconAMPC
    Madinat Zayed
    108 MW
  • Plant IconMIPCO
    53 MGD
    1,702 MW
    Plant Icon UAN
    145 MGD
    2,290 MW
    Plant Icon *Future
    Solar PV2
    2,000 MW
EWEC Partners